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Machine tools

  • Cutting-off machines for cutting materials with max. diameter 320 mm;
  • Drilling machines for drilling holes in steel parts with max. diameter 50 mm;
  • Lathes for turning parts with max. diameter 1600 mm above bed, 1200 mm above cross slide and max turning length 6700 mm and weight to 10 t, we have CNC lathe with turning lenght 1800 mm;

  • Horizontal boring machines with max. travel along longitudinal axis 7000 mm, vertical axis 3220 mm; boring length along spindle axis 1190 mm; max. dimensions of rotary table 2500 x 2000 mm; max. weight of machining part 32 t

  • Milling machines with max. travel in longitudinal axis 1000 mm, cross axis 310 mm and max. machined part height 420 mm;

  • Grinding machines for shafts max. diameter 1400 mm, max. length 8000 mm, max. stroke 600 mm and max. weight to 8 t;
  • Grinding machines for holes max. diameter 580 mm and length to 350 mm;
  • Surfach grinders max. length of grinding surface 1000 mm and width to 310 mm;
  • Slotting machines for slotting parts max. diameter 1250 mm and height to 500 mm; max. length of slotting 350 mm;
  • Portable borers for boring holes max. diameter 600 mm, facing to max. diameter 1300 mm.

  • Poetable milling machine for machining flat surfaces with tight tolerances.Trvers along axes  X - 3048 mm, along Y - 915 mm


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