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80-958 Gdańsk
tel.: +48 58 307 13 03
e-mail: tak-rem@remontowa.com.pl

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We manufacture machine parts in piece and small batch production according to customer technical documentation or pattern - made of customer or our materials.
We are machining metallic parts (made from constructional steels, stainless steels, cast irons), plastic parts and non-ferrous metal parts (made from aluminum alloys, bronzes and brasses).
We perform parts renovation by the means of hole bushing, cladding outer diameters of shafts, machining surface and thread renovation (among others by the means of HELICOIL method).

Our offer takes in machining in our workshop.

1.  Machining:

  • turning outer cylindrical and conical surfaces,
  • boring cylindrical and conical surfaces holes,
  • milling parts of various dimensions and shapes,
  • cutting toothed wheels with straight teeth by the means of gear milling cutters, toothed bars and sprocket wheels,
  • drilling, reaming, threading,
  • slotting,
  • cutting materials.

2.  Grinding:

  • crankshafts grinding,
  • grinding of shafts, holes, inner and outer conical surfaces,
  • tools sharpening.

3.  Verification – shafts inspection of crankshafts and other parts, surface roughness inspection, hardness inspection (HB i HV), magnetic inspections in order to detect surface cracks.

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