TAK-REM Sp. z o.o.
ul. Na Ostrowiu 1
80-958 Gdańsk
tel.: +48 58 307 13 03
e-mail: tak-rem@remontowa.com.pl

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TAK–REM Co. Ltd was established in 1996 as a result of transformation of Gdańsk Shiprepairyard Mechanical Department into independent company and became a member of REMONTOWA S. A. group. At present TAK-REM Co. Ltd operate in REMONTOWA HOLDING S.A. structure.

We have highly qualified personnel, stock of machine tools, years of experience in machining and wide circle of satisfied customers.

We are one of the few who can grind crankshafts 8000 mm length and 8 tons weight.

We provide:

 - professional and high quality service,
 - the prompt completion of work.

We invite to cooperation
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